In my opinion, the results were amazing. Within a week of sessions my sinus infection and bronchitis began to clear up. Within two weeks, they were gone.

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Cystic Fibrosis

Friday, August 21, 2015

About 30,000 Americans are living with cystic fibrosis (CF). A child inherits it from their parents. CF is developed when a child receives one copy of the defective gene from each parent. If you have only one copy of the gene mutation you are a carrier but you do not have CF. To have a child with CF each parent must have at least one copy of the defective CF gene. If each parent has a defective gene there is a 50 percent chance that the child will NOT have CF, but WILL be a carrier, and there is a 25 percent chance that the child WILL have cystic fibrosis.

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

People with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening disease, experience persistent lung infections. It is a progressive disease that eventually limits the person’s ability to breathe. What happens is mucus builds up in the lungs, pancreas, and other bodily organs due to the mutated gene. When mucus clogs the airways to your lungs bacteria become trapped in the thick mucus and cause infection. This leads to lung damage and eventually to respiratory failure.

When the mucus builds up in the pancreas, the pancreas cannot serve its purpose of releasing the digestive enzymes your body needs to absorb vital nutrients and break down food.

Salt Therapy

During salt therapy, patients inhale dry salt vapor containing pure Himalayan salt crystals. Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals your body needs and is also known for its anti-inflammatory, bactericide (kills bacteria), mucokinetic (mucus clearing) properties. Salt therapy treatments work by loosening and clearing mucus as well as blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles, by absorbing excess water, and by reducing inflammation of the airways, respiratory tract, and lungs making it easier to breath and relieving symptoms of CF. Salt therapy treatment also:

Boosts the immune system

Helps reduce coughing

Helps relieve sinusitis

Research has shown that salt therapy patients can benefit from the relief of CF symptoms for up to 12 months at a time.


Restore your balance, vitality, core strength, and well-being with Salt Therapy at The Salt Cave of Southlake, TX. We offer single sessions, and multiple (five and 10) session packages, as well as unlimited monthly packages. Come relax and breathe in the benefits. Call us today to schedule an appointment: (817) 965-SALT. 

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