In my opinion, the results were amazing. Within a week of sessions my sinus infection and bronchitis began to clear up. Within two weeks, they were gone.

Salty Stories

Mindfulness Serves You in Every Phase of Life

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Adult life is full of stressors that come from all angles. When you feel stressed out and overwhelmed, it’s hard to be your best self. Focusing the mind and body can help combat the aggregation of stress throughout your day and week. When you take a mindful approach to everything you do, you’re more aware of your own feelings. Yoga and meditation practices are great ways to work on mindfulness. When you combine those practices with therapeutic treatments, the results can be even better. If you’re ready to watch your stress dissolve, maybe it’s time to learn how mindfulness can serve you in every phase of life.  read more

Salt Therapy May Be Effective for Children Too

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Whether you’ve just booked your first salt therapy session or you’re a seasoned veteran, you’re probably excited about the potential restorative effects of the treatment. For centuries, cultures near naturally occurring salt caves have reportedly enjoyed the benefits of a salty environment. It’s been said to alleviate everything from skin conditions to respiratory problems. Salt therapy isn’t just for village elders making the trek to caves in the foothills of the Himalayas. In fact, contemporary salt therapy clinics make it easy for anyone to receive treatment — even children. 
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What Type of Salt Is Used in Salt Therapy?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

When most people hear the word “salt,” one thing comes to mind — the white granules that come spilling out of a porous little shaker that sits on the kitchen table. The folks who paid attention in chemistry class may even know the stuff as Sodium Chloride — NaCl. However, “salt” actually encompasses a number of chemical combinations and forms. Chloride can have all kinds of different partners in forming a salt, like rock salt, which can include traces of potassium, magnesium, or zinc. The structure of salt can also vary from the small white granules with which you’re no doubt familiar. If you’re interested in the benefits of salt therapy, you may be wondering, what type of salt is actually used in these treatments? read more


Friday, September 01, 2017

Have you heard friends raving about salt therapy, recently? Salt therapy may be a relatively new craze here in America, but salt caves have actually existed, naturally, for thousands of years, and people have been enjoying their many therapeutic benefits for nearly as long. Fortunately, residents in the Southlake and Keller areas no longer have to travel to faraway lands to enjoy the holistic benefits of salt cave therapy. Instead, simply schedule an appointment with the SaltCave of Southlake, to experience, firsthand, all that this unique therapy can do for you!
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Have you been under a lot of pressure at work, recently, or even at-home? If so, you may be feeling more stressed than usual. In fact, that stress can start to manifest itself in a number of ways, not to mention take a toll on your health and wellbeing. Poor sleep, weight gain, increased blood pressure, headaches, and upset stomach can all be caused by stress. Over time, stress is believed to increase risk of developing diseases, as well, and can worsen the side effects of a pre-existing chronic condition. While exercise and a healthy diet can be helpful ways of coping with stress, for many people salt therapy could be another great, holistic approach to managing stress.

What Does Salt Therapy Do?

Salt therapy is a safe and non-invasive form of therapy that is based upon the natural salt caves that have existed in certain parts of the country for centuries. For many years, people have been visiting these caves for their stress-relieving benefits, as well as other holistic help.

For instance, some patients find that salt therapy can be an effective way of addressing respiratory conditions, allergies, and skin conditions along with stress.

Perhaps best of all, salt therapy is safe for most people, and completely non-invasive.

If you schedule an appointment, you will simply be able to sit and relax in a “salt cave” designed to simulate those natural caves. This is done through the use of salt within the room, as well as specialized salts circulated into the air.

interested in sALT THERAPY?

The Salt Cave of Southlake, TX can help you manage stress and other concerns, through a holistic approach to wellness. To see how it could help you, call us today to schedule an appointment at (817) 965-SALT.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

If you suffer from allergies, skin conditions like eczema or acne, or respiratory issues, then you may have already tried a number of medications or even invasive medical treatments in hopes of finding relief, much less respite from your ailments. But have you explored the holistic ways of helping to address those and other conditions, including stress? Salt therapy represents a natural and non-invasive way of coping with a number of common ailments, including chronic stress. Perhaps best of all, it is a holistic and often comprehensive way of approaching health and wellness.

Tired of Turning to Medications or Invasive Treatment?

Salt therapy may be a new term to you and others in the United States, but salt therapy’s many and varied benefits have been enjoyed for centuries in parts of the world where salt caves naturally occur.

The salt in the air of these natural caves has long been believed and reported to have healing properties that can help address a variety of concerns, from skin and allergy-related symptoms, to chronic respiratory conditions, as well as stress.

Fortunately, for those unable to visit these salt caves, salt therapy provides a similar remedy conveniently close-to-home, in the form of manmade salt caves, designed to replicate the many healing effects of those found in nature.

See If Salt Therapy Could Help You

You can learn more about the many ways salt therapy could help you, by reading through some of the Salty Stories we have shared, here on our web page. But better yet, why not come in to try salt therapy for yourself?


The Salt Cave of Southlake, TX can be beneficial in a number of ways, including helping to address many skin conditions, respiratory problems, stress and allergy symptoms. To see how it could help you, call us today to schedule an appointment at (817) 965-SALT.

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Friday, August 04, 2017

Do you love how many ways you have found to help care for yourself and your family through holistic practices? From essential oils to mediation, there are a number of ways you might already be attending to your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, on a regular basis. But have you considered how salt therapy could be a wonderful addition to that mix? Salt therapy has been used for hundreds of years in countries where naturally-occurring salt caves exist. Fortunately, now residents near Southlake and Keller, Texas can enjoy salt therapy’s many benefits for themselves, by scheduling a visit to the Salt Cave of Southlake.
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Friday, July 21, 2017

Are you getting tired of sneezing and suffering from itchy eyes, all due to pesky seasonal allergies? Tired of feeling dependent on over-the-counter medications just to be able to breathe? Allergies can be a major source of annoyance, but they can also make it difficult to enjoy daily activities, such as walking the dog or watching the kids play soccer. Fortunately, for many people, salt therapy represents a unique yet effective way of coping with seasonal allergies.

How Can Salt Therapy Help You Feel Better?

Salt therapy is based on simulating naturally-occurring salt caves, which have been used for hundreds of years in parts of Europe to help people cope with a variety of medical conditions, including allergy symptoms.

Man-made salt caves accomplish this by using walls made of salt, and salt circulated in the air, to help create a relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

Salt therapy can help to specifically address allergy symptoms, thanks to the microbial properties of the salt that is used, which makes it possible to both help clear and disinfect passageways, allowing for more continuous airflow and less bacteria that could otherwise lead to illness.

For these same reasons, salt therapy can also be beneficial in helping patients cope with other conditions, including:

  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne
  • Stress and anxiety

You should consult your physician before stopping any medicine regimes. For many people, salt therapy can prove an effective addition to their health care, and possibly lessen their reliance on allergy medicines.


The Salt Cave of Southlake, TX can help visitors cope with seasonal allergies and much more. We offer single sessions, and multiple (five and 10) session packages, as well as unlimited monthly packages. Come relax and breathe in the benefits. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (817) 965-SALT.

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